“I was a chain smoker for 15 years. I was desperate to quit. Nothing worked for me. Then I used Kevin’s Stop Smoking Now! CD – and I stopped smoking! Thanks!” Jeff – Architect


Product Details

Are you frustrated that nothing you’ve tried so far has worked: “cold turkey,” nicotine patches, gum, or pills? Are you aware that nicotine, even in small doses, is probably the most addictive substance known to mankind? Cigarette manufacturers have spent millions of dollars to find ways to increase the amount of nicotine found in their products to keep you addicted. If you have tried other methods and failed, then Kevin’s revolutionary breakthrough system:

Total Power Programming™ STOP SMOKING NOW! CD

Is for you! Through hypnosis, you will utilize the power of your own mind to free yourself from nicotine addiction forever. Subliminal reinforcement on the CD will help you to resist cravings, unwanted weight gain, and reduce the unpleasant side effects of nicotine withdrawal. Stop smoking permanently today and live a longer, healthier, and happier life!

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